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Join our team of interns working from home for small businesses

Are you a small business?
Apply to be a client below.

  • Who do we work WITH?
    The introverted intern team works with small to medium size businesses who want to create more content for the internet. These businesses often can not afford to pay us much for our work. Because of this, we get much more creative freedom to do what we want and build portfolios that can land us higher paying jobs in the future.
  • Who do we work FOR?
    We work first for our team, then our clients. Our job is to train our team of "interns" to get where they want to go in the creative field of their choice. This could be graphic design, photography, photo/video editing, and writing. For now we will focus on those creative categories, but will hopefully expand in the future.
  • Why us?
    We believe the whole world will shift to a results based model. No more hiding in your cubicle and not doing work. We aim to train a team that is fast, efficient, creative, and most importantly able to learn new skills. We aim to train people to get results, and in the near future get paid for those results.
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